BC & Yukon Junior Lifeguard Telegames


About Lifesaving Sport

Lifesaving sport is the only sport whose skills are first learned for humanitarian purposes. Through lifesaving sport, the Lifesaving Society seeks to engage and inspire youth in our drowning prevention mission.

Objectives of Lifesaving Sport are:

  • To support the drowning prevention work of the Lifesaving Society and its humanitarian mission.
  • To provide athletes, coaches and officials with opportunities for participation in lifesaving sport at all levels from developmental to high performance.
  • To position the Lifesaving Society internationally as a leader in lifesaving sport.

About the Junior Lifeguard Telegames

The Lifesaving Society’s Junior Lifeguard TeleGames are inter-club level competitions held at aquatic facilities throughout the year. In TeleGames, competitors have the opportunity to experience lifesaving sport events in a fun and encouraging competitive environment, without having to travel.

Through the development of Lifesaving Sport programs and clubs, youth have the opportunity to become active, increase their personal fitness, learn about competing fairly and setting personal goals.

How to Participate?

1. Register your Club with the Branch.

  • Lifesaving Affiliates are encouraged to form a Lifesaving Club and promote awareness of lifesaving sport.
  • Only Registered Clubs and their members can participate in Lifesaving Sport Branch Competitions and the Junior Lifeguard Telegames.
  • There is no charge to register your Club. 
  • Your Club's information will be promoted on our website.

2. Schedule the date to participate at your facility.

  • TeleGames participation can occur during regularly scheduled club meetings, classes, workouts or as an inter-facility or regional competition.
  • Participating Affiliates may run one or all of the TeleGames events.

3. Submit your entry forms by the due date.

  • All participating Clubs submit their times and are compared with other lifesavers.
  • Results of events are forwarded to the scoring centre (Branch Office), where results from all participating Affiliates are compiled.

4. The Branch campares the results from participanting Clubs. 

  • The Branch posts Club Overall results!
  • The Branch sends the ribbons and winning banners to your facility for you to present to your Club.
How do I get my Junior Lifeguard Club involved with Telegames?

1.      Download the BC & Yukon 2018 Junior Lifeguard Telegames Handbook.

2.      Download Managing Telegames 2018-19.

3.      Train your Junior Lifeguards in the event skills.

4.      Plan a Telegames at your site – it’s a great end of session event.

5.      Use the 2018 Telegames Entry Package to submit your entries.

Call the Branch Office at 604-299-5450 for any questions you may have.

  •  We want to see all pools in BC & Yukon enjoy the benefits of Lifesaving Sport and Jr. Lifeguard Clubs.
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