Safety Audits

General Information

As risk management is an integral part of operating recreation facilities, the Lifesaving Society B.C. & Yukon Branch has developed the Aquatic Safety Audit Program.  It is designed to assist staff and managementresponsible for aquatic facility or waterfront operation to better understand the safety requirements of a specific setting.

It is anticipated that requests for audits will be made by new and old facilities with the ideal situation being that the audit team is involved in the design and planning stages of a new facility in order to prevent safety design oversight.  For existing facilities, the audit is seen as part of a complete risk management program.


To maximize the safety of aquatic facilities thereby reducing the likelihood of aquatic-related injury and drowning.


When an audit request form is received from facility management, the following process will be initiated

  1. Upon Branch office receipt of a request, an audit team of 1 - 3 members is assembled based on their experience and knowledge and the nature of the request.  Background and qualifications of audit team members will be provided
  2. Audit time and date scheduled with facility
  3. Audit is performed, duration based on size and complexity of setting
  4. Audit team develops a report of findings and recommendation
  5. Draft report is submitted to facility management to ensure accuracy of information
  6. Upon receiving feedback on draft report, final report is produced and delivered to facility management.

Allow at least eight (8) weeks for completion of the audit report from the time of the site visit.  Once completed, it is the responsibility of facility management to implement recommendations based on internal factors such as budget and perceived priority.  The Lifesaving Society and the audit team members take no responsibility for facility management’s action on the recommendations.  A six month follow-up visit by the audit team can be performed upon request.


An audit fee will be based on the requested extent of the audit and the complexity of the facility.  This can only be determined upon review of the request form.

Lifesaving Society Aquatic Safety Audit Program is endorsed by the Municipal Insurance Association.

To request an audit please submit an Aquatic Safety Audit Request Form.

For additional information or questions please use the Contact form found on our home page.

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